Write Off Debt in Scotland

When creditors are haunting you for overdue payments and you have no means to pay off your dues, you should understand that as a Scottish resident, you have multiple options to address the situation and become debt free in a predefined space of time. Add to this, the ability to get future interests and penal charges frozen as well as even have a part of the debt written off, you only need competent advice to set up the most appropriate debt solution and buy some peace of mind.

Finding a debt expert

The first step to writing off your debt at least in part is to find an experienced debt expert in your neighbourhood. There are several debt solutions offered by the Scottish government including the Debt Arrangement Scheme, the Trust Deed, LILA, and sequestration. Qualifying criteria is laid down for each of these solutions and you would also need to know how these solutions work. More importantly, you should educate yourself about the consequences of these solutions. www.debtadvisoryscotland.com has more info on all of these solutions.


Major benefits from debt solutions

The major benefit that can flow to you from these debt solutions is the facility of making one single monthly payment to the administrator/trustee of the debt solution that suits you. Once the debt solution is set up, your creditors cannot initiate recovery action against you and they will be dealing directly with the trustee/administrator. Debt solutions like the trust deed, sequestration and LILA are designed in such a manner that any debt remaining unpaid at the end of the chosen solution is automatically written of as having been paid. Some of these solutions require the consent of a majority of your creditors and once they agree, they are legally prevented from charging any future interest or charges.

The role of experts

Setting up a debt solution for you involves complex legal process and careful interaction with your creditors. Often times, most people cannot manage this on their own. Some solutions also require that you apply through an approved money advisor/insolvency practitioner etc. With expert advice these issues can be more comfortably addressed and you could soon be on your way to getting debt free.

Impact on your credit score

Remember however, that these debt solutions do impact your credit score and once you set up one of these solutions, your ability to obtain fresh credit can be seriously compromised. However, since you have already defaulted on multiple payments, your credit records are already sagging and lenders would find it very difficult to approve new loans for you. Once you complete the chosen debt solution you can work your way to finding fresh credit although this could be more expensive and challenging. But, when fractured debts are giving you sleepless nights, paying part of the accumulated debts over a period of time and getting rid of the bother is your first priority.

Research your options

Even before finding a debt expert, if you find quality time to focus on the wide array of debt solutions available to Scottish residents, you can position yourself as an informed debtor on various issues concerning these debt solutions.

Finding the right guidance in the face of mis-selling (Interest rate swaps).

Interest rate swap mis-selling have been taking place since the year 2001 and mostly the small business owners have been the victims of it. Even though the government has ordered some compensation to the victims of these swaps, there are still many people out there who have been unable to seek closure with the banks. For them it is a matter of debate as to who they shall approach, the banks or the attorneys. Since not much has been known about the interest rate swaps and its workings, many people including attorneys and industrial groups, are unaccustomed to it. This is why they are unable to place their opinion in front of the banks. This is a good enough reason that they require the help of knowledgeable professionals who have a thorough understanding of these financial terms and can face the banks with an equal level of understanding.

These services are very rare, because very few have the requisite knowledge and expertise. But if you are seeking proper professionals who can make these terms transparent to you, then you can reach out for help to the Glasgow professionals. You will find their contact address on their website http://www.veritastreasury.com/. The benefit of getting help from them is that, they will understand your terms on a financial and basic level, which is why they can address the root of the problem. There is a fair chance that you may be able to settle your claims with the banks with their help.

Moreover, they will make sure that the relationship with the banks and you are not disturbed as much as possible. This is because they have an experience with interest rate mis-selling and thus they will assure that you can come out of it with ease.

Even if you are in the initial stages, the experts at Veritas Treasury will make sure that your costly mistakes are minimized as much as possible. Be aware of the future risks and make healthy choices with the assistance of these professionals. They will ensure transparency in dealings and chalk out a clear path ahead that you can take.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

There are times in our lives where we need to borrow some amount to meet the ends. However, there arises certain circumstance sometimes where we are unable to repay back the amount borrowed. To avoid bankruptcy, individuals can adopt an alternative such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement [IVA].

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is an agreement which states that you will pay the entire loan owed to your creditors or parts of it. You need to make all the payments to an insolvency practitioner. It is your practitioner who divides the amount between all your creditors. You need a practitioner to make this arrangement. You need to provide all the details of your financial conditions such as your income, debts, creditors and assets. Your creditors will be contacted by your insolvency practitioner. This scheme works when the creditors who hold 75% of the debts agree to the proposal made to them. All you need to do is to provide a set up fee and handling fee to your insolvency practitioner [IP].

IVAPros offer reliable services when it comes to handling your IVA process. Right from the stage of planning a proposal to managing all your creditors, IVA professionals will manage the entire process on your behalf.


Your IP will arrange a meeting of yours with the creditors. A planned proposal will be made from your IP with all the details provided by you. The proposal offered needs to be accepted by your debtors. Once it is accepted, there is a legal binding and nobody can take a legal action against you until and unless you abide by the terms made during the proposal. It is best to get an advice from an expert before making any decision as an IVA is a form of insolvency. This will be added to the Individual Insolvency Register of the public records. This is removed three months after the tenure of IVA ends. Make sure you deal with the best practitioners to ensure that everything goes well.   

IVAPros offers the best possible services when it comes to IVA. Our experienced Insolvency Practitioners ensure that the entire process remains hassle free. We put in efforts to make sure you’re freed from the burden that’s on you. Come team up with us and let us help you in freeing yourself from your debts.


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